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 Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
(Tongue Thrust)

Myofunctional therapy is a specialized treatment for children and adults who demonstrate an incorrect swallow pattern, tongue thrust, and problems of oral muscular strength, and balance as well as speech defects such as frontal and lateral lisping. 

At this center, a therapist will evaluate your oro-facial muscle function, swallowing pattern and articulation to determine the need for myofunctional therapy. Treatment techniques include using facial and oral muscle exercises to normalize strength and coordination, to develop correct chewing and swallowing patterns, to correct tongue and lip resting positions as well as to improve articulation skills.

Possible Causes of Myofunctional Disorder:                   

  • prolonged pacifier and thumb sucking            
  • enlarged tonsils and adenoids                 
  • heredity                                            
  • short lingual frenum (tongue-tie)  
  • orofacial muscular weakness or imbalance 
  • chronic allergies, respiratory disorders   

Possible Symptoms:

  • mouth breathing
  • sucking/biting habits (nail, finger)
  • lisping(frontal or lateral)
  • high arched palate
  • malocclusion
  • weak lip structure
  • facial grimace during swallowing
  • forward tongue position